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It’s Possible! Let us help you in your path to your vision. Thanks to modern innovations, your commercial activities will receive a significant push for development. Whether it’s a website, software, cloud based system or an app – it’s possible and more affordable than you probably might think. We offer comprehensive solutions for businesses that will help you to move to a new level of international business. You definitely need our brains because you are looking for something marvelous and no one was managed to do this for you before! This is why our company is the best choice! Would you like to get a fast solution for your unique project today? Every business finds itself in need of new and creative ways to announce about start or business changes – change being the only constant, as you very well know. Open your inbox and you’ll come across many newsletters stating something about address changes, feature enhancements, product upgrades, etc. in a very drab way. After going through a few, you will realize that these emails fail to get you excited about the changes, upgrades or whatever they are about. Well. A company is only as strong as its team! We love that saying. Why? Simple. We have an amazing team of talented individuals that understand your business, challenges and goals. And they’re ready to help you meet them. Our team offers a compelling blend of skills ranging from sleek design to programming to content creation, all with your ideas in mind. Together, we create amazing, customized solutions for our clients. Our team has decades of experience in this industry to share with you. Not only can we build you an amazing website, we can offer you helpful insight in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, design and programming. Who needs to be involved to create a clear purpose, vision and values? We are! The brainstorming, the research, the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable in such an endeavor—whether you had exclusive control of the process or, more likely, were just one of several with an influence in the ultimately chosen. But guess what? You don’t need to do demos while wearing a dinosaur costume just so you’re remembered as the startup who had the dinosaur at the trade show! We have a lot more work ahead – with you! We make it easier than ever to gain the strong web presence every modern business requires. Everything that we do is for our customers. We want you as a customer because you want to be with us, not because you have to be. No contracts. No tricks. Just exceptional work and service at an affordable price.


CAESAR NON SUPRA GRAMMATICOS The phrase was born when one of the Roman emperors made a language error in his public speech. But this will never happen with you! You can entrust the execution of your documents to us without hesitation to and take advantage of the rich experience of our employees in solving any language problems. We are a team united by a partner spirit. The strength of our interpreters is professional full-time and freelance interpreters, editors, proofreaders, managers, make-up artists, lawyers, marketers, accountants, couriers. There are no difficult tasks! Our specialists constantly participate in international translation conferences, get the best the knowledge or skill of foreign from partners, introduce modern software to improve translation activities. High professionalism of the employees ensures high-quality execution of translations in in an extremely flexible framework of services technical, legal, medical, translation of simple documents such as a passport, diploma of education, etc., and a huge package of documents for the tender and other purposes. Provided legal support for documents processed by our specialists makes it possible to classify us as interpreters of various documents and as a reliable assistant during the procedure for legalization of the above-mentioned documents in the departments of the country and abroad. We value our standards of work which we follow and constantly improve. The client’s requirements are paramount for us, that’s why we developed our working principles: qualified assistance in organizing the optimal conditions for documenting the business; personnel policy of the interpreters, which includes the selection on a competitive basis of freelancers, native speakers who provide translation services. The staff includes specialists with impressive work experience and specialization in each individual industry; the company provides financial guarantees of the quality of services in the field of technical, legal, medical translation and localization of websites! Our company is not only the quality services of an interpreter, be it a native speaker or a freelancer, it is also a guarantee of performing translations within the agreed time and legal support of each order. This is what you are looking for right? We guarantee the confidentiality of information during the translation process. Having applied for help to our company, you can be sure that all data is protected by an agreement on non-disclosure of information. Our interpreters, providing quality services, help you understand and be understood when solving business and vital problems. The help of an interpreter is a chance to take the right path in realizing your plans for any spheres of life. You will understand that high quality, short deadlines, excellent service and loyal prices are a reality that can be realized with our help!


On = Off, where else would we meet? In most cases, the web is still “terra incognita”. Surely, you are like many others, sufficiently aware of huge possibilities the web or interactive expression have, if you came to us, you probably do not have enough experience in their implementation. Where are here. We will help you. The fundamentals competence of our team is the provision of an endless range of services in the field of interactive services. We are interested in cooperation with you, focused on the following tasks: -Increase in sales -Bringing a new brand or product You might be trying to keep pace with the times, innovate to meet the needs of the target customers and new market sphere, however, there are not always answers to the questions: How to evaluate the profitability of investments in web-communication? How to integrate web in a marketing mix? How to implement digital strategies at the global level? To implement these tasks, we will implement you with all necessary information and offer solutions! Ensuring a full cycle of interactive advantage is the key competence of our accomplishments. Customer service is built on the wide principle of “360 full degrees”. We provide all kinds of services in the field of interactive communications: from consulting companies on the possibilities of brands in the conditions of new media before analyzing the results of seamless advertising campaigns. Creating complex solutions, we focus on the result and management of the project, planning and implementation of interactive solutions of any сomplexity and aimed at maximizing their effectiveness. With honor we will offer both comprehensive solutions, creating all the necessary elements and providing project management, as well as individual products upon your request. Brands have to spend more and more efforts to attract consumers’ attention. We create branded content, valuable to the user, to whom he voluntarily pays his attention. A unique idea that conveys the necessary information to the target audience in a bright and memorable format (colors, images, sounds, associations, correct words, non-standard angle of view, a new shade of meaning or meaning) is the creative concept that we develop for each instrument and channel of communication strategy. Are you ready to start? We are!







From thoughts to actions! The most important thing for us is the trust of our customers. Let us become your guide to the final point of your order! We solve the problem with help of our own well-thought-out logistics – delivery of the goods to the customers directly in their hands. Up to now, postal services and ways of sending messages to significant distances have been formed during ages. This can be considered a whole separate culture in the memory of mankind. Courier delivery in the Ancient Roman Empire allowed to transfer of information to its residents not only about the political situation and military campaigns, but also about executions, court cases and other events. The post of the imperial courier was considered very honorable! Becoming our client, you will feel the special attitude and best quality of our work! An urgent letter? Flowers for your beloved woman? A gift for your child? No problem! The principles of our work are based on the creation of mutually beneficial partnership conditions, the important quality of which is an affordable pricing policy, as well as guarantees of full compliance with all possible safety standards and strict confidentiality. Take advantage of our network of couriers working in many countries of the world. We have a unique system of delivering flowers, gifts, and small parcels. We have invested a lot in our infrastructure development, we are always looking for optimal solutions for complex tasks, improving logistics, balancing with tariff policy and offering the highest quality of service! Our couriers are ready to listen, to choose the desired bouquet or a gift that can be bought exactly in the city necessary for delivery and carry to any place and time. The messengers were not always held in high esteem. In the history of many peoples there is information about the importance of courier work, because the messengers with good news could make so many people happy! Only in our company, Our couriers will do all that is necessary as if you will do it! Packaging, a different set of gifts and so on. Courier will listen and offer several options for your choice. Do you want to see the happy face of the recipient of your order? Here it is! After delivery, the courier provides photo proof of performance and you pay. No tricks and no doubts! You and your customers pay only if we have fulfilled your task in 100%. At the moment, our courier network operates in many countries – Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Thailand, Morocco, Philippines, Colombia, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland – and this is just the beginning! We stick to the principles that are experienced by time. Priority for our specialists is the accurate and prompt fulfillment of your requirements. Especially when it comes to one of the popular options – an urgent delivery service associated with strict observance of terms and confidentiality. Urgent delivery by courier from hand to hand guarantees complete safety of everything that you would not pass. Excellence. Simply Delivered.



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